• Abandoned
    An abandoned British research station on Stonington Island in Antarctica
  • Harbour Dusk
    The daily buzz on Sydney Harbour is always a joy to experience.
  • Mona Vale
    View from the headland to Mona Vale Pool.
  • Antarctic Night
    Midnight in Antarctica and mirror-like reflections.
  • Neko Harbour
    Sunrise over Neko Harbour in Antarctica.

Biography of Kajo Merkert


As a completely self-taught photographer, I spent the early days with a simple point-and-shoot camera, my then beloved Fujifilm F10. Soon I realized that it did not fulfil my
visions on a technical level anymore. It was then that I made the leap into the professional photography world. At that time I also founded a website community for passionate amateur photographers MyShots.com, which currently has over 4,000 members.

My first professional camera was the Fujifilm S5 PRO and I have now moved onto a Nikon D300 and a Nikon D700 as of late. My work has been exhibited in various photography magazines around Australia and in the United States, in an exhibition of the Australian Centre for Photography, in the NSW Parliament House and I have been accepted as a member in the world famous Australian Institute of Professional Photography. I had the honour to shoot at the side of Moose Peterson, Laurie Excell, Michael Reichman, Jean Paul Caponigro, Stephen Johnson and other famous American photographers - many of them highly decorated and considered to be America’s most important landscape photographers.






“I feel a very close relationship to mother nature and was always magically drawn towards the water. I find inner peace by sitting on a sheer cliff above the roaring ocean and am greatly affected by the interaction of ocean and earth, light and dark. Being witness to this power play in the few minutes before sunrise, when the sun drenches the sky into that spectacular light, must be nature’s greatest reward.” – Kajo Merkert


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